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On paper, you're doing everything right.

You're posting on social media, you're running free masterclasses, you're networking your ass off.

In short: Your marketing activities are ON POINT.

So where's the endless stream of inbound leads?

Where is the cha-ching in your bank account?

And where are the dream client transformations you started your business to make happen in the first place?


Here's the thing: Marketing isn't where Stripe notifications and dream client conversions happen. 


The true impact on your bottom line - the efforts that grow your business and help you reach YOUR dreams - happens with  sales.

When you learn to sell authentically, strategically and ethically, you...

Sign more dream clients

Take charge of how much you earn

Stop relying on inbound leads and referrals (that, let's face it, are far and few between) 

Transform your workdays from "meh" to "YAY"

Boost your confidence

Overcome your money mindset blocks

Bring newfound momentum into your business

Help more people


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Hi! 👋 I’m Synne - I’ll introduce myself a little further down

She Sells was created to give every woman who wants to make her own money access to the tools she needs to succeed. 

And we're starting with the most underutilised and transformative skill in the toolbox: Sales.

Welcome to the

She Sells Club.png

A sales membership designed for female small business owners ready to make more money, help more people and unapologetically GROW.



for exponential clarity, confidence and cashflow on your journey


Daily check-ins to keep you motivated

Weekly Ask Me Anything sessions to keep you focused

Fortnightly masterclasses and hot seat coaching to keep you learning

❖ Monthly sales, strategy and mindset challenges to keep you growing




24/7 community access to other female SMB owners all over the world

Sales accountability and support on your terms

 Business friendships for life


Hello again! My name is Synne and I’m obsessed with giving women the tools they need to make more money, help more people and succeed in their small businesses.

Since I started running my own business more than a decade ago, I've learnt a lot. The most important thing is this:

If you don't know how to sell, your business won't grow.


And if you don't LOVE the people you're selling to,

you're not going to sell at all.

When I embraced the fact that sales is about service, everything changed. The most successful salespeople on this planet - the ones with raving fans who keep coming back to them - have one thing in common: They're more excited about the success of their clients than their own.

That's where product and service development needs to come from. That's where outreach needs to come from. That's where sales conversations need to come from. 

When you are genuinely passionate about the incredible transformation you serve your clients with, and you learn to embody that passion in all your sales activities and strategies, your entire approach to sales is flipped upside down. 

Sales become empathy, understanding, listening, serving and loving. 

That's what's allowed me to 


Go from pay per hour to closing deals in the hundreds of thousands of $$$. 

❖  Take my client list from a handful to world-spanning. 

❖ Reach a level of confidence where I know that I am unstoppable.

And it's what the entirety of She Sells is based on.

OK, so what do I get as a
She Sells member?

The sales mindset, strategies, tools, accountability, support and community for all women, everywhere, who want to unapologetically GROW.

Fortnightly masterclasses and hot seat sessions

In order to really get better at selling, you need to be learning. (Yes, sales can be learnt - they're not magic). 


Every other week, we meet for 45 minutes to take a deep-dive into different sales topics that will help you feel more equipped to go out and sell. They also allow you to continuously level up your sales game, authentically and strategically.


Hot seat sessions are live coaching sessions in which a She Sells member is coached on a specific challenge she's working on - where the other members can tune in to watch, learn and ask questions.


All masterclasses are recorded and stored in a members only folder - so you can learn when it works for YOU.

For $19/month - or 62 cents a day.

Here's what some of the amazing members of She Sells have had to say so far...

All women everywhere deserve access to the tools they need to succeed.


That's why the She Sells sponsorship program exists 

It started with one woman who chose gratitude in the face of unimaginable loss.

Now the She Sells sponsorship spans 3 continents.

When K's daughter was 4 months old, she lost her husband. Then, she chose gratitude.


When I first connected with her six months later, K started the beautiful She Sells sponsorship movement by offering to sponsor another woman's membership. We named it The Gratitude Spot.

That membership gave a female small business owner in Pakistan access to the skills, strategies and support she didn't have before. 

When I shared K's story on LinkedIn, the messages started pouring in.

"I want to sponsor a seat."

"Sign me up, this is beautiful."

"Can I sponsor 2 slots?"

With the She Sells sponsorship programme, women all over the world are supporting each other in a true community of empowerment, love and empathy. 

But the giving doesn't stop there.

50% of all sponsored She Sells membership profits go directly to the UNFPA's Dignity Kits.


Here's how the sponsorship  program works

For sponsors

You sign up as a sponsor and pay the membership fee for another female business owner on a monthly basis 

❖ The recipient is selected from the She Sells pool of women who truly need it

❖ 50% of the money you pay goes directly to the UNFPA's Dignity Kits

For recipients

You fill out the form below to apply for a sponsored membership seat 

❖ If you are selected, you are notified of your She Sells membership and learn your sponsor's first name (sponsors and recipients who want to connect can absolutely do so)

❖ You gain access to everything within the She Sells membership free of charge

Female business owner superstar, She Sells is my dream for you.
You deserve support. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to succeed.
And you deserve access to everything you need to get there.​

 Showing up with more confidence
Selling with more ease
 Charging your worth with more alignment
Taking action with more clarity
Checking your bank account with more excitement
Going to work with more creativity
Taking time off with more peace of mind
Filling your days with more of the work you love
Unapologetically pursuing your dreams

It's all out there for you. And I can't wait to watch you get it.
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