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Calling all business
heroes dreaming of...

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Growth-driven creative writing for SMBs and entrepreneurs

Aka: Writing that works. For you. Your customers. Your business. Your goals. Brand stories, signature offers, full website write-ups, and smashing article features. We’re about to take your business comms from meh to OMG.

How are you? No, really?

“I’m terrified of writing my story.”

I get it. You think your story isn’t worth telling, writing, or sharing. What could you possibly have to say? Why should anyone care?


“There’s no way I can write

my own website copy.”

The work is piling up, isn’t it? You know you need a website that sings - but you’re not a writer, and you don’t have time to become one.


“My service page sucks

You have an amazing signature offer the world needs to hear about. But launch date should have been weeks ago and you can’t get the copy to where it needs to be.


“How on earth do I get our content up to scratch?”

You’re lagging behind. Content and social media has changed (a lot), and you’ve been tasked with ideas that resonate and retain, in a very loud world. Where do you even start?

I know it feels like a lot right now - but

trust me, we’re going to have

SO           MUCH          FUN

Let's get your show on the road
(Yes, I'm looking at you!)

I’m Synne. The wiz behind the words. Scandinavian honesty advocate (ie, allergic to bs). Creative and professional writing degree holder. Entrepreneur. Swedish forest dweller. Mum. Human. zzzz

Let’s stop circling the porridge and get back to you.

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Your story is the reason Lindentree exists

It’s an amazing, incredible thing you did when you started your business. It was exciting, wasn’t it? And I bet it’s been quite a journey since. That message - the unique story that makes you you - needs to be shared.

So what’ll I be doing? I’ll get the writing (and story) straight. I dig for the core, underneath the generic rubble and mind-numbingly boring. This is where the

stuff of extraordinary and magical is made. Words that flow - that make music - that connect.


And you? You’ll exhale an all-encompassing sigh of relief. You know, the one that happens when the words are just right; “Yes, finally. This is it. This is us.”

Lindentree + heroes = magic

Lindentree has helped grow brands and businesses from New York to Perth (yes, literally) with the magic dust that is damn good wordage.

You’re the hero in this story. My job is to tell the tale.


So, what kind of word (and Scandi forest) magic can I help you drive growth with?

(And if you want to work with me 1-1, we can do that, too).

And why would you want Lindentree's help?

(Full disclosure: It’s a big no-no for Scandinavians to tell you why they’re awesome . I’ll do my best).

You’re in the strategy

big leagues now

What’s the point of good writing if it does fudge-all for your business? Every. Single. Thing. we do together is about linking your business core to your messaging strategy. We’re setting down massive roots, and I take that work seriously.

So yeah. Writing’s my jam.
(As much as it pains me to say it ).
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Now, let’s get Back. To. You.

You deserve words that sing. Words that connect, that make people smile, that pique their curiosity, and fire them up inside.

That’s what makes sales and authority and growth happen.

Are you ready?

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