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Leverage storytelling to make lead generation and sales easier for your teams.

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The trainings

Storyselling are team trainings that will optimise your lead generation, sales and marketing performance, and brand awareness.

When was the last time you read a sales pamphlet you couldn't put down?


Or found the prospect at the other end of your cold call so entrenched in your pitch they said yes before you'd even gotten to the numbers?

There's a reason people prefer novels to business blogs and Netflix to ads. That reason is stories they recognise themselves in.

And you and your sales team should be using that ICP-connecting superpower for your lead generation and outreach optimisation.

Sales team performance 

Storyselling enables sales and marketing teams to understand and connect with their prospects on a deep, human level. This increases trust between salesperson and buyer, and leads to sales that are more enjoyable and easier to close.

Sales <> marketing coaction

When strategy is led by a jointly iterated brand story, sales and marketing are united under the same narrative and goal for the company’s clients. This strengthens coaction and cross-departmental success. 

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Lead quality and connection

The more your sales and marketing team knows about your prospects, the higher your lead quality becomes. This in-depth analysis also allows your sales and marketing pros to genuinely connect with their buyers before they start speaking to them.

Brand recognition and appeal

Consumers rate brand identity appeal and connection higher than ever before. When your ICPs recognise themselves in your brand story, they’re more likely to remember, trust and buy from you.

More coaction.
More connection. 
More sales.


I have had the pleasure to attend one of Synne’s workshops, and I am sincerely grateful for the concrete, yet, creative outcomes that emerged. Synne combines both creativity, clarity, and method, on top of having a gift for creating a trustful and caring relationship with her clients. I could only recommend her expertise for entrepreneurs and companies in need for out of the box and impactful business pitch approaches.

Florence Malaud, Managing Director Spain


Story drives connection. Connection drives trust. Trust drives sales.

Here's how the storyselling framework optimises for high-quality lead generation and easier-to-close sales.

Connection-centric ICP analysis

In sales, prospect knowledge is power. The storyselling approach views prospects through the lens of protagonist, and digs deep into their personality, pain points and desires.


This means your salespeople can immediately identify their prospect’s journey at the lead gen stage - and how your offering will help them get exactly where they want to go.

Brand story for sales success

By iterating brand story to serve client-connection, your sales team can leverage the company’s core narrative in their sales conversations.


The brand story becomes a tangible point of connection, positioning your offerings as vital solutions designed specifically for your clients.

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Sales <> marketing alignment

With a deep understanding of your ICP in place, and a brand story that's designed to serve them, sales and marketing interests become easier to align.


Brand story then serves as a foundational pillar in your marketing strategy, and its message is in turn amplified by your sales team’s prospect interactions.

Transform your outreach

By applying storyselling to your sales strategy, your cold outreach is no longer cold.


Instead, your salespeople can start every conversation from a place of genuine prospect understanding and map out the best pitch for each buyer in the context of their individual struggles and desired solutions.

The hero's journey sale

In storyselling, the prospect is your sales team’s protagonist - they’re the hero of the brand and sales narrative.


When a seller communicates from this point of view, the buyer is more likely to feel understood by them, and ultimately trust them. This transforms the sales process from purely transactional to aspirational.

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The storyselling framework leverages the fact that humans connect, trust and take action on the basis of shared experience they recognise themselves in. 

When you apply buyer-centric storytelling to your sales process your lead generation improves and your buyer-to-seller interactions deepen.

Simply put: You enable your sales team to close more sales.

Storyselling in action

The purpose of storyselling is to bring a different perspective to sales that allows your sales team to create deeper connections with your clients.

Each of these workshops targets a different aspect of the storyselling framework, to set your team up for better lead generation and a stronger sales process.

The trainings can be taken as stand-alones or as a full framework programme.

The prospect protagonist

In this training, you’ll learn to use character development principles from storytelling in order to analyse your prospects as protagonists.


We’ll explore protagonist motivation, challenges/obstacles, values, dreams/desires, and personality in the context of a deep ICP analysis that makes your clients the true heroes of your story.

Brand story design for sales

The purpose of getting to know your prospects as protagonists is to design a core narrative that will appeal to them, and fit into their larger journey.


This training covers the key elements of brand story design, shows you how to develop the narrative for your company, and teaches you how to link this narrative to your sales conversations and interactions.

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Storyselling applied

With a clear protagonist and brand story in place, it becomes possible to align marketing and sales efforts and goals.


In this training, you’ll learn how to implement your prospect analysis and core company narrative to a cross-departmental marketing and sales campaign from start to finish.

Hero's journey outreach

This training focuses on transforming your outreach in the hero’s journey narrative structure, in a way that’s deeply resonant with your prospect.


Learn to quickly identify where your offerings fit into your client’s individual hero’s journey, so that you can utilise all the storyselling development your sales team has done to close sales with more ease and momentum.

All storyselling packages are developed and delivered on a bespoke basis.

Get in touch to find the perfect fit for you and your team.

Stories are the quickest, longest-proven method of building trust in humans. Between businesses and their clients, storytelling is an absolute superpower. 

Storyselling enables your sales team to go further.

✓ They’ll generate better leads faster, because they understand their prospects as humans

✓ They’ll be able to use narrative tools to connect with your clients in a deeper way than before

✓ They’ll learn the best approach to make cross-departmental marketing and sales efforts a success.

✓ They’ll turn every sales interaction into a prospect-centric one, making the sale easier and more fulfilling to close

Ultimately, storyselling will help them widen their perspective and optimise the sales process by applying story.


For your clients and for the company’s growth.

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