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Story-driven business development

Aka: Messaging that inspires. Dream clients aching to buy from you. Effortless strategy, lead gen and sales. We’re about to turn storytelling into your business’ superpower.

What would you like to wake up thinking tomorrow?

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“Our sales team is killing it.

Your salespeople are connecting with your clients like never before. Sales are ticking in like clockwork. And the only way you’re going from here is up.


“My dream clients are loving the signature offer.

Your main offer has stolen the hearts of your audience. They recognise, remember and trust you - and can’t wait to sign on to work with you.


“My next steps are 100% clear.

Your business strategy is finally aligned. Every day, you wake up excited about where you’re going and to-your-core confident you’ll get there.

Whether you’re a sales exec ready to harness the power of storytelling, a business in need of a stronger brand or a female business owner looking for clarity, trust me. This is going to be

SO           MUCH          FUN

Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time, I was convinced storytelling was for the creative industries only. But in 10+ years of applying storytelling principles to business comms, it all keeps coming back to this: Humans connect with humans. Humans trust humans. Humans BUY from humans.

And the single-fastest and longest-proven method of making all that happen is STORY.

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Story is your business superpower

Here’s the thing: In order to do pretty much anything with any success in business, sooner or later, you’re going to be interacting with human beings. Your partners, your audience, your colleagues, your clients.

These people - every single one of them - are more likely to hear what you have to say, trust you when you say it, and choose you to help them do what they want to do when your message resonates with them.

Lindentree + heroes = magic

Lindentree has helped grow brands and businesses from New York to Perth (yes, literally) with the magic dust that is damn good storytelling.

You’re the hero in this story. My job is to help you on your way.


So, what kind of business boost are you looking for?


And why would you want Lindentree's help?

(Full disclosure: It’s a big no-no for Scandinavians to tell you why they’re awesome. I’ll do my best).

Boost your numbers

A $225K contract from a single client. Multiple 6-figure years as a one-woman show during the pandemic. No, I’m not trying to toot my own horn here. It’s just to say: This sh*t works. And I want it to work for you, too.

So yeah. Story-driven business development is my jam.
(As much as it pains the Viking in me to say it ).
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Now, let's get your show on the road.

Your dream client-connections that strengthen with ease and convert effortlessly.

Your sales process that's lead gen-optimising and revenue-boosting by design.

Your crystal-clear business strategy that takes you where you really want to go.

Whatever your story, whatever your goals - let's do this.

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