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Your Signature Offer

Get your strategy, positioning and messaging perfected - so you can sell your signature programme to dream clients with flair.

Your signature offer = your biggest moneymaker... 

... which also means it should make your dream clients' jaws DROP.

Your dream
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Our work
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Your offer

Everyone has a different definition of their perfect day.

But for most women running their own business it usually looks something like this...

Work you love

Imagine waking up every single day and knowing that your calendar is filled to the brim with the kind of work you absolutely love. The kind of work you started your own business to do. The kind of work that lights you up inside.

Clients you adore

Stay with me, cause this is where it gets even better. Now imagine that dreamy work you're about to do is ALL with equally dreamy clients. Clients who appreciate you, who love what you do for them - who always pay on time, and always what you're worth.

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Easy, peasy sales

OK, and the best part? This work you love with those clients you adore? It's all coming from piece-of-cake sales. Sales authentic to you, sales you know how to do, sales you actually ENJOY.  

Sound too good to be true?

Here's what over a decade in biz and multiple 6-figure years have taught me:

When you...

> Design a signature offer
> For dream clients you love
> And sell it with a real strategy in place

You make more sales

Synne standing in front of door

Hi! I'm Synne

Your Signature Offer is designed to

> Get you crystal clear on the strategy behind your signature programme, so you know it's serving your goals AND your dream clients.

>  Get you a beautifully communicated, perfectly positioned landing page write-up for your offer - one you can't wait to send your dream clients to check out.


> Get you confident and ready to actually sell your signature programme to your dream clients - without sleazy scripts or bro vibes.

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Your signature offer strategy

We start with a 1-hour call to figure out exactly where and how your signature offer fits into your overall business strategy. That means making sure the pricing, scope and type of work are all aligned with your long-term vision. You know, those dreamy days you can't wait to transform your standard workday into.

Your signature offer dream clients

Next up is another 1-hour call where we dig deep into your dream clients' hearts and minds. What are their dreams? Their fears? Their values and ethos? For your signature offer to actually sell, we need to make sure your programme is designed and positioned to serve the solution your people are looking for. 

The brand audience call

Another one-hour 1-to-1 call where it’s all about them. I drill down to the literal heart of the clients you’d like to attract - by asking the right questions and taking you through the human side of ICP-ing. The result? You’ll feel intimately acquainted with your audience. You’ll also be ready to share your offering with irresistible empathy.

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Your signature offer landing page

Using our findings from the two previous calls, I craft a stunning landing page for your signature offer. This piece will bring your dream clients on a truly aspirational journey, one that takes them from where they are today into where they're dreaming to find themselves in the future. The end result? You'll be dying to showcase your offer - and your dream clients will be aching to buy it from you. 

Your signature offer sales

With your programme perfectly positioned, there's just one final piece missing: You need to be able to sell your signature with flair. Since Your signature offer is specifically designed for women, we'll be spending exactly 0 minutes on sleazy scripts and bro vibe strategies. In this 1-hour we get you confident and ready to sell your signature offer authentically and effectively - however that looks for you and your dream clients.

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Your signature offer final touches

The purpose of this package is to leave you with something actionable - something that'll help you grow your business and position you as THE go-to for your dream clients. The final touches is anything you need - edits on your landing page, a bit of extra sales support, or just a final follow-up to see how things are going. 

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Your investment: €2500
EU VAT excl. - Payment plans available

Women Your signature offer has helped

Juana Poareo.jpeg
I had been wanting to work with Synne for about a year before the opportunity arose for us to work together. And what a genuine delight it was. She's just a dream to work with!

Synne is a professional through and through but she makes it feel like you're speaking to a new friend and she's genuinely interested in learning more about you. She's got empathy and integrity for miles, traits that I feel are crucial in any business.

If you're hesitating to work with Synne, STOP. Get in touch with her and she'll take you on a fun journey and mold your offer into one that connects with your audience.

Do it. Today!

Juana Poareo, Accessibility consultant and Content creator

Being Access-able

You'll have a signature offer that

> Genuinely excites your dream clients

Truly serves your business vision and goals


Is actually easy and FUN for you to sell

More dreamy clients

Here's the beautiful thing about designing your signature offer around your dream clients: You'll attract more of them. By speaking their language, acknowledging their fears, and (most importantly) showing how you'll help them reach their dreams, you'll be the obvious #1 on their list when they find themselves in need of your support and guidance.

More passion-fuelled work

The reason we start with strategy is simple: We want to make sure everything about your signature offer is driven by your mission, your purpose, your WHY. Offers designed around the deeper meaning of our business will, by default, lead us into more passion-fulled work - the kind of work you'd like your calendar to be filled with.

Trees (Left) 2.png

More money in the bank

We spend time on your sales so you can make more money - it really is that simple. Far too many landing page offers don't include this essential component, which leaves you with a gorgeous offer write-up - and no way to actually sell it. An aligned-with-you sales strategy = more sales faster, so your business can operate in service and support of the life you want to live.

More excitement about your biz

Excited to find and connect with your dream clients. Excited to showcase and SHOUT about your signature programme because you know it's perfectly positioned. Excited to have sales calls and actually help the people you want to help. In short: Getting back to the excitement you felt at the very beginning of this journey - and pouring it into every single day from here on out.

More business confidence

You make amazing things happen for your clients. But being a woman, I bet the imposter syndrome and insecurity can sometimes be extremely loud. With clarity on your strategy, your dream clients and your incredible signature programme, you'll emerge with supercharged, contagious confidence. Which means you can go out and sell your offer with the kind of vibe that makes you irresistible. 

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Trees (Left) 3.png

More aligned growth

You want to move forward. But you want to move forward in alignment with your long-term vision for your business. That's why we make sure your signature offer strategy is rooted in your goals. So you know that every day you show up, you're taking the next few steps towards your dreams.

✓ Ready to craft a strategy that's actually aligned with your goals?

✓ Ready to speak directly to your dream clients in a super powerful way?

✓ Ready for that gorgeous landing page write-up?

✓ Ready to close more sales with ease?

✓ Ready to watch your business grow?



Let's freaking go.

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