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The LinkedIn Sales Playbook

Master the art of outbound and make more sales on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Sales Playbook is a tailor-made package for female business owners looking to leverage LinkedIn so they can make money in weeks, not months - without sleazy scripts or bro vibes.

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The package

You're posting (frequently!) on LinkedIn - but you're not seeing the inbound leads you want

You're feeling defeated by the viral income posts from influencers making 5 figures a week on inbound only - who also tell you sales are icky 

You're scared of reaching out to dream client connections to pitch your offers

You're longing for predictable revenue in your business, but you can't figure out how to turn your LinkedIn connections and followers into qualified leads - and closed sales

More dream clients

You know your offering is solid and you know it’s perfectly designed for your dream clients. You’re dreaming of the day your pipeline is filled with people you’d love to work with - who are aching to work with you.

More money flowing in

With more money hitting your business bank account, you’ll be living the dream. You’ll be hitting the income you’ve wanted since you started your business, and you’ll be empowered to make the level-up moves you’re craving.

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More LinkedIn predictability

The uncertainty of wondering which LinkedIn post will draw your dream clients into your DMs is the worst. Imagine a reality where you hit the platform day-to-day knowing exactly what to do and how to generate the dream client leads you want.

More sales momentum

If you’re like most women in business, the idea of sales makes you cringe. If only you could have a clear, tailored-to-you manual that showed you how to leverage LinkedIn and that gave you serious sales momentum.

In short: You want a strategy that works, an action plan tailored to you, and to finally get in the driver’s seat of your revenue growth.

Women the LI Sales Playbook's helped

I was lost when it came to effective outbound marketing strategies. Fortunately, my consultation with Synne provided the clarity I needed. Accompanied by panic and doubt, I sent my first outbound messages and after a while, I got positive responses and I’m currently onboarding a client thanks to her.
In all honesty, it’s not only her experience I love the most but how she listens. She doesn’t rush you, put pressure on you or take most of the spotlight talking about herself and work. She just listens and gives you constructive advice and criticism.

I would work with her on any sales project in a heartbeat 🥰🥰

Nilian Marufu, Neuro-marketer Strategist and Consultant


A goal without a plan is just a dream.

LinkedIn is a marketplace for business. It's the best place in the world for you to connect with and sell to your dream clients.

It's also a place where you can spend tons of time producing lots of content without generating a single lead or closing a single sale.

Here's what you need clarity on in order to turn the tables in your favour.

Revenue targets

Sales is a numbers game. But the numbers are different for everyone. In order to get an outbound strategy in place that works for you, you need to know where you’re at and where you’re going.


Revenue predictability comes from clarity on your goals in the short, medium and long term.

Dream client personas

There are more than 1 billion people on LinkedIn. Somewhere in that crowd there’s a teeny, tiny percentage that fits the bill of your dream clients.


You need to be 100% clear on who these people are, and what will make them shout “When can I work with you?”

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Your sales personality

The only way you can take proper charge of your revenue predictability is by getting clear on who you are in the sales process.


Your strategy is going to sustain your business growth for a long time, so it has to be linked in a clear and authentic way to who you are.

Daily tasks

So you jump onto LinkedIn - and then what? Social media platforms are filled with choices on how to interact and behave, which can make them feel overwhelming and confusing for business owners looking to increase their sales.


To save time and make more money, you need clarity on your daily tasks.

Outbound messaging

Outbound means starting conversations - actively and frequently. But you probably feel unsure about what to say and how to say it.


How do you get your dream clients talking to you? And how do you lead your discovery calls in a way that brings them closer to a “Yes”? narrative.

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LinkedIn has the potential to become your most powerful revenue-driving tool.

You can say goodbye to hoping for inbound leads from your posts (that almost never come) or referrals that are months apart.

Instead, imagine logging on every single day and taking steps that are aligned with you, work for you and ultimately skyrocket your business growth - with you firmly placed in the driver's seat of the whole shebang.

A look at your new LI playbook

The LinkedIn Sales Playbook package maps out your entire outbound strategy for LI from start to finish.

It's the bridge from insecurity, imposter syndrome and income worries to clarity, confidence and (seriously boosted) cashflow.

Your sales strategy

In this 60-minute one-to-one call, we take a proper deep-dive into the basis for your bespoke outbound strategy.


We cover your revenue targets, your ideal clients and your sales personality to make sure everything you do from here on out is 100% rooted in your goals and aligned with your business vision.

Your sales methodology

In our second hour together we build out your sales methodology - the steps you’ll be taking on a daily basis to get the most out of LinkedIn for your revenue predictability.


This is also where we cover the beginnings of your outbound messaging and your own unique sales call framework, so you’re crystal clear on how to approach your dream clients - and how to keep them engaged.

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Your sales conversations

For our third call, we focus on the conversations you’ll be having with your dream clients as part of your outbound strategy.


We practise, refine and polish, and tackle any feelings of worry or anxiety about your sales calls so you come out feeling confident about exactly how to get the most out of one-on-one time with your prospect.

Your sales playbook

It all culminates with your very own LinkedIn Sales Playbook, which includes your revenue targets, ideal client persona rundown, bespoke strategy, sales methodology, daily action points, and made-for-you outbound messaging copy.


This is your driver’s manual to LinkedIn outbound that gives you the momentum and confidence you need to hit the ground running and keep going.

Three 60-minute one-to-one sessions with someone who 5x’ed their revenue by leaning into the power of LinkedIn outbound.

One all-you’ll-ever-need playbook for your next revenue-fuelling steps.

Tailored to you, your business, your goals, and your dreams.

Your investment: €1499

EU VAT excl. -
 Payment plans available

If you want to stop worrying about where your next lead will come from and start feeling excited about your revenue predictability and growth, the answer is simple: You need a strategy.

The LinkedIn Sales Playbook empowers you to

✓ Own and go after your revenue targets

✓ Speak to and with your dream clients with confidence

✓ Navigate outbound in a way that’s aligned with YOU

✓ Reach out to prospects with excitement

✓ Take daily steps directly linked to your revenue goals

✓ Leverage your LinkedIn for true business acceleration

Ultimately, it’s the only manual you’ll ever need to feel clear, confident and excited about your revenue growth.
Ready to get in the driver's seat?

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