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About Lindentree copywriting and storytelling

Creative writing that helps your business grow.

You’re extraordinary. It’s time to get the word out.

Telling stories is scary. Writing them down for the world to see is downright terrifying. It’s a process that takes you from general to specific. From universally applicable to individually inspirational.

And that’s what the work we’ll do together is all about .

Lindentree grew out of applying creative writing principles to business writing and communications. The result?

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Brand stories that inspire and connect


Website copy that strengthens relationships


Content pieces that are actually interesting

Social media posts that excite your audience

Hi, I’m Synne (that’s like Lynne - with an S)

I get it. It’ s been a long journey for me, too. After completing my writing degree and working as a professional writer for close to a decade, I’ve gone from ‘will write for all’ to ‘can only write for a few’.


But I know you’re out there. And I want to work with you.


Yes. You.

You, the coach with a solopreneur soul of gold. You, the consultant

who refuses to believe conversion copy is the only way into a consumer’s heart. You, the small business owner looking to inspire real change.

This is where we break boundaries and storytelling-scale for the future.

Unlock the marvellous, unique characteristics of your brand core. Propel

your message out into the world through seriously powerful writing.


Every single human on the planet is built to consume stories.

Let’s start writing for them.

The Lindentree way of writing for you - and your customers


There’s a reason people binge Netflix and not webinars. Why they recommend books more than they do blog posts. In one word, that reason is called resonance. When a reader or viewer connects with the content they consume, it sparks an emotional response. All writing I’ll ever write for you will be centered around how to make that spark happen for your audience.


You’ll only ever stand out as a business by being you. A single word stands between brands that are remembered and brands that are forgotten, and that word is consistency. When your audience sees you showing up the same way across the board, they’ll begin to trust you. All writing and storytelling work I do for you comes from the roots of your identity. That way, your audience will soon feel like you’re their bestest friend.


Stories sit at the foundation of human connection. When our brains pick up on a story, it starts paying attention in a very special kind of way. In the context of your business, that means strong narratives and purposeful story tools make for more audience retention and engagement. Good news is, I know how to apply those to your business so it works for you, and your ideal clients.


Duh, it’s writing. But stringing words haphazardly together isn’t writing. Not in my book, anyway. Every single word in the dictionary is a multidimensional instrument. That means your business writing needs the exact right words. In the exact right order, and the exact right context. I’m obsessed with finding your winning words combo - and I don’t stop till I do.


Good communication is essential for every aspect of your business growth. So we start with where you want your writing to take you. Whether you want to make more sales, create stronger brand authority, or grow your audience. You’re looking to connect with human beings. It really is that simple. Get the words right (that’s me!) and you’ll connect. Connect, and you’ll grow.



✓ Higher brand confidence

✓ More audience engagement

✓ Stronger marketing authority

✓ More growth

✓ More sales

✓ And better (freaking) writing for your biz

… yes? Let’s make it happen :)

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