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The Backstory

MOSS approached Lindentree in February of 2019. They were in the process of a total rebrand, and needed something completely different for their Studio and Magazine content - case studies to set them apart, and articles to build them authority. All with a clear brand voice and some storytelling flair.

The Work

As of mid-2021 MOSS and Lindentree are still working together on an ongoing basis. We’ve developed their brand identity and messaging, built their magazine up from scratch, and increased their online presence and authority. I’ve written, and continue to write, all case studies, articles, and content on the MOSS website, and Lindentree is now responsible for running the company’s Instagram page and community building efforts as a further extension of their content and marketing strategy. 

MOSS Studio + Magazine

“Synne is one of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful writers I have had the pleasure to work with. Her deep and authentic curiosity to learn about new topics and new people make her a wonderful resource and partner for me at Moss.

She created and developed our brand voice, personified our brand, and beautifully integrates that persona through all of our messaging. She writes with SEO in mind and tirelessly studies to make sure everything we put out is both interesting and relevant to our audience. I appreciate her positivity, creativity and authenticity

It is my absolute pleasure to partner with Synne. She makes my job easier; I trust her wholeheartedly and I always know that the writing we put out will be an absolute pleasure to read.”

Lauren Avallone (former editor)

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